My Home Intro

We value what home means to you.

The Survey is commissioned by Harris County and conducted by the Kinder Institute for Urban Research. It will provide a picture of real estate needs in the Greater Houston area.

Severe weather and a growing population present new social needs for the five million residents who call Harris County home.

The results of the Harris County Housing Survey will inform decisions that impact safe and affordable homes and apartments in your community.

Harris County received $1.2 billion to implement the results of the survey, and your responses show your local government how to spend those funds on real estate in your neighborhood like determining where homes need to be built or repaired, types of dwelling options that are needed, and maintaining affordable costs for hardworking Houstonians.

This is your opportunity to tell Harris County how to responsibly develop improvements for economic, environmental, and social balance in the most valuable space of all, your home and community.