Texas’s first statewide COVID-19 rental assistance program will kick off this January after months of government planning and public calls for action. Our partners at Texas Housers explore what this means for renters in our state.

Congress passed and President Trump signed a pandemic relief bill granting a month-long extension of the current federal eviction moratorium and $25 billion for rent relief nationwide. In this week’s podcast our partners at Texas Housers explore what this federal action means for renters in our state.

When we talk about displacement, we often speak generally about the loss of affordable housing or talk about changes in neighborhood character and demographics. In focusing on these more universal trends, we can sometimes overlook the experiences of individuals and families who lose their homes and have their lives flipped upside down. Because relocation has become so ubiquitous in public and subsidized housing throughout our state and the entire country, understanding relocation policy and how it affects people every day is something that Texas Housers has come to see as a necessity for advocacy. Read on for their take.

Housing vouchers should be the empowering ticket to housing peace of mind of families and individuals experiencing economic hardships. However, for far too many, source of income discrimination defers that dream and either shoves those seeking housing into high-poverty areas or causes them to run out of time and lose their voucher entirely. On this episode of A Little Louder, our partners at Texas Housers speak with voucher holder Samara Nero and hear her experience and the many closed doors she faced on her journey to finding a suitable home. They are also joined by Demetria McCain of the Inclusive Communities Project in Dallas, who has been an ardent fighter against source of income discrimination.

Our partners at Texas Housers John and Christina are joined by Shamus Roller, Executive Director of the National Housing Law Projectto help sort through what moratoriums on evictions mean and what in the $2 trillion stimulus goes to housing. They are also joined by our community navigator Ericka Bowman, as she tells us what low-income families in Houston and Galveston are experiencing.

Every year, Texas receives millions of dollars in tax credits to help developers build affordable housing. It’s big money and a highly competitive process. The Low Income Housing Tax Credit program is the biggest driver of affordable housing in the state. The formula that decides who gets the federal subsidies in Texas is called the Qualified Allocation Plan, which is drafted by our state housing agency, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. Our partners at Texas Housers break down what’s new in the 2021 proposed QAP.

Our partners at Texas Housers hosted Justices of the Peace from across the state, as well as Nelson Mock from Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, on Facebook Live to discuss the housing crisis at our doorstep.

Though there are only a few months left in 2020, there is still so much to address before the year is through. On this episode, our partners at Texas Housers are joined by University of Texas Law professor Heather Way, as she discusses her latest report on Public Facility Corporations.